Tearing my hair out

Day 8 . I have been to a 1940s weekend today with my family . It was lovely but stressful . My gorgeous 13 year old wanting to do totally different things to my six year old . Me playing peace keeper . My hubby had a couple of pints . People were drinking in the sun . I felt stressed because I wanted everyone to have a nice time . I was able to step back though and observe my feelings and recognise why I felt like a drink . Although I felt like tearing my hair out I was able to stay with these feelings . This is a first and I feel anxious still ,I feel a bit pent up but have had a bubble bath , read a bit and now chilling . Looking after myself while I feel a bit het up xxxx

5 thoughts on “Tearing my hair out

  1. Hey! You got through that weekend with those challenges — way to go! Stepping back from your feelings around your kids having a good time was an excellent step. Keep on going…..

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