Here I am again

Hi all . I am sorry I feel I’m posting on here lots . It just helps get things out of my head and down I think . Start to make sense of things .

This evening I picked my girls up after work . We came home and they went on trampoline and argued ! So instead of thinking is it bed time so I can have wine , i de escalated and went on the trampoline with my youngest . Then bathed her and then went and had a chat with eldest . Felt less agitated as wasn’t worried about when I could get wine ! There was no rush .

I love reading novels and thought I would be instantly reading but I keep picking books up and putting back down . Day three and can’t concentrate on books so spending time watching rubbish tv . Tonight watching Ab Fab to make me laugh !!!

The other thing I’ve realised not feeling rough at work , I am totally bored to death at work , unchallenged, uninspired, unstimulated , bored bored bored .

What realisations will tomorrow bring xxxx

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